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Application Underarm Sweat Pads 1
On a plain surface: turn the shirt inside out and flatten one underarm area until no wrinkles remain.
Application Underarm Sweat Pads 2
Fold the pad at the upper folding line: This space around the folding line allows for fabric distension when wearing the shirt.
Application Underarm Sweat Pads 3
Determine proper alignment: The arrows on the pads need to be pointing towards each other to the front of the shirt.
Application Underarm Sweat Pads 4
Place the pad to the inside of the shirt, where the sleeve seam and the lateral seam intersect: Align the upper third of the pad above the armpit seam. Remove the adhesive film, apply the pad, smooth it out and press firmly for 10 seconds. Make sure that the upper folding line remains folded.

Repeat points 1. to 4. for the 2nd underarm area.


Instructions for use

  • Apply on clean clothes only
  • Do not use on sensitive or delicate textiles
  • Remove sweat pads before washing clothes
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